...of, never the being.

First performance: Ensemble Isis, cond. John Traill, 26.2.2015 at the Denis Arnold Hall, University of Oxford.

Programme note:

Our understanding of culture is created by what we have experienced, and perhaps more importantly, how we have experienced. In this generation, more than any other, the non-delineation of different kinds of cultures (arts, sciences, ‘other’, and so on) has become a defining characteristic of our shared intellectual spaces. In this shared space we can communicate, access information, debate, confuse, refine, at an increasingly impossibly fast rate. We are left with a dizzying number of questions and possible solutions. Yet, often these solutions fail to resonate; they entirely oversaturate.

...of, never the being. is by necessity a partial response to this environment. Our perception of form is created by discernable contrasts, often emphasised by behaviours we have already learnt. But then, how are we to identify form, and thus find a way of navigating the musical landscape, if the material does not readily offer the points of reference required to do so?

This work invites you to follow the various stands of abstract, anonymous, material that are defined and organised by a number of discreet processes. The various behaviours exhibited are ones borrowed from the wider bodies of human knowledge: mathematical and physical processes, while abstract and anonymous themselves, define the points in this work that may offer a foothold in its navigation.