Juncture I, solo piano

First performance: by Ian Pace on 16.6.2014 at the Deptford Town Hall, PureGold Festival.

Programme note: 

Juncture I was composed in a white heat over a few short days; an outpouring of a year’s worth of reading and writing. Ultimately, the piece is an exploration of binary opposites - the real discovery being that there are no binary oppositions to be had. It would be convenient to think of there being two opposing materials in this piece, but in reality there are two distinct ideological behaviours, one being material defined by a natural phenomenon (harmonic series), the other being a more abstract grammatical behaviour (arbitrarily defined systems to generate and distribute material). These behaviours orbit each other, and while designed to be contrasting, they paradoxically define each other in their opposition. The result of this is an unpredictable trajectory in which no goal is apparent. This trajectory has been designed with two key functions in mind. Firstly, the materials must unfold, develop, implode, mutate, fragment, in time. Secondly, the material must undermine its own execution. The score visually demands an analytical attitude that the figuration and music denies. This is most obvious in the fastest sections that ask for a ’half-attack’ from the pianist. Unpredictability is composed into the music. 

Make what you will of the title.