bit by bit, as generally happens, guitar quartet


First performance: 8.II.2018, The Harty Room, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Queen's Guitar Ensemble.

Programme note:

Musical scores are a representation of an idea - sitting uncomfortably between being a blueprint for a piece of music, and being the work itself. This piece, like many of the others I'm currently invested in, is working towards making that gap smaller. There are a number of factors surrounding the realisation of music works that can cause issue - ideas of fidelity, authenticity, engagement, inclusion. These are things which I am interested in exploring - for better, or for worse. The technical nature of the four parts are such that there is no 'one work' that can be striven towards. Rather, each time a part is approached it is something else, and how they relate to it will produce something else. This is what I am interested in.